Team work.

Worried about rainbows and unicorns?

“Real world, real challenges. I’m here to help. “

Bastiaan Wassenaar, Winc IT


For me, a people-first approach is one of the key success factors in all the things I do.

Team work is essential to succeed in complex IT environments.

Together we make things happen.

Architecture can mean a lot of different things in the IT landscape.
I believe that architecture can make or break companies.
With my
hands-on approach I break down the technical complexity as much as possible, and make it understandable for different stakeholders.

“IT Architecture is making decisions about important stuff that is hard to change”

Martin Fowler from his session Making Architecture Matter


Microsoft Azure

For me the cloud is not a place, but a model. It is a way to make your applications and services available to your users and to create value for your business. 

 I focus on Microsoft Azure cloud technology which can be public, private or hybrid.



Consultancy can come in many ways and forms.

Maybe you need a second opinion, a review or help within a project.

If you think I can be of assistance, give me a ping.

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